How does it work?

Students pay a fee to attend 12 hours of live online group tutoring during March 2024. These events are recorded in case you miss the live sessions or you want to watch them again. The 12 hours of tutoring are comprised of four 3-hour sessions spread throughout the month of March. Here are the dates and times of each live online tutoring session:
SESSION 1: March 4 from 7-10pm EST
SESSION 4: March 14 from 7-10pm EST
SESSION 2: March 21 from 7-10pm EST
SESSION 3: March 28 from 7-10pm EST

What topics are covered during tutoring?

Next Generation NCLEX questions — Prioritization — Select all that apply (SATA) — Maternity — Medical/Surgical Nursing — Fundamental Test-taking Skills — Safety and Infection Control — Basic Care and Comfort — Pharmacology.

Who are the tutors?

Mark teaches 6 hours of tutoring.
The other 6 hours of tutoring are taught by Dr. Sharon, Dr. Pete, or Trevor.

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